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Where the MSAT G2 and Telephone Meet…

MSAT-PSTN Setup Photo

MSAT-PSTN Front View Photo  MSAT-PSTN Back View Photo

The MSAT-PSTN Interface enables MSAT-G2 radio operators to access MSAT voice and PTT service functions via an analog telephone. When using a cordless analog phone, the interface extends satellite phone coverage throughout buildings. The device also facilitates integration of the MSAT-G2 radio into a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. Now organizations can easily incorporate MSAT services into their office telephone networks, ensuring reliable back-up capability when it is needed the most.

  •  Analog telephone connection (RJ-11)
  •  Access to PTT functions via analog phone (PTT, talkgroup toggling etc.) PTT supported by pressing either a ‘*’ to PTT the radio, or a ‘#’ to return back to receive mode.
  •  Differential Ringing - Different ring tones identify different call types (Telephone or PTT)
  •  Answers in a specific number of rings & allows the user to command the radio from phone line.
  •  Bright LED display on front of the MSAT-PSTN aids in initial setup and provides real time feedback during operation.
  •  Power is provided by the MSAT-G2 on the radio end and +12V power is required on the handset end (power module included).
  •  Connect MSAT-G2 into a PBX for more flexible usage.
  •  The user can also change user talk groups from the phone DTMF pad.
  •  Operate in either Foreign eXchange Office (FXO) or Foreign eXchange Station (FXS) mode.
  •  In FXO mode, when the radio goes active, it dials a telephone number in an effort to contact the user during activity.
  •  In FXS mode, the MSAT-PSTN acts like an analog phone line allowing a standard analog telephone to be connected.
  •  In either FXO or FXS mode, the MSAT-PSTN provides user with all the standard handset features the MSAT-G2 provides.
  •  To use just pick up phone, listen for dial tone then use as normal phone.
  •  To initiate a call, enter desired phone number and pressing the ‘*’ (star) button.  When call is complete, user either hangs up the phone or presses the ‘#’ (number) digit.