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Powerful Radio & Satellite Interoperability

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An IP based solution for the MSAT-G2 satellite based radio. Enables operation over IP and includes two Land Mobile Radio ports enabling radio and satellite interoperability.

The TCB-MSATiP system is a powerful DSP based communication system that enables operation between the MSAT-G2 satellite based radio and multiple other land based devices. The system supports connections between the MSAT-G2 radio, its handset and two Land Mobile Radios in addition to VoIP based communications over IP.


  •  Integrated VoIP and network management software enables the MSAT Handset to access the G2 over a network connection
  •  Allows MSAT-G2 and two radios to be accessed, interconnected and operated from a Windows(TM) based computer
  •  Powered from the MSAT-G2 radio or an external +12VDC power cube (included)
  •  Includes an under dash mounting bracket that supports both the TCB-MSATiP and the MSAT-G2 radio
  •  Windows(TM) GUI software includes management and duplex streaming VoIP audio enabling full computer control and operation
  •  Large assortment of radio interface cables available for both handheld/mobile radios and includes support for 5/6 pin MIL-STD Audio
  •  Powerful 600 MIPS Digital Signal Processed (DSP) based operation.
  •  Includes a user adjustable Digital Audio Delay,up to 4 seconds per port.
  •  Digital Spooling allows access to satellite and trunking radio systems without losing audio due to the access delay.